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High  expansion  foam  generators  suppress  the  fire by fiiling  the  void with
foam  bubbles, causing  oxygen  deprivation  at  the point where  fire  and  air
interfaces. The  water content of the foam bubbles generates a cooling effect.

High  expansion foam systems are calculated  based on given volumes. Best
suited for areas that are contained on the top, bottom & sides. It is necessary
to factor the  effect of openings and/or sprinkler  discharge .These generators
utilises very little water in comparision to the volume of foam generated.

No  outside source  of power is required for  operation, only the foam solution
under pressure. Operates with foam solution pressures as low as 3.45 bar(50
Dual  Flow  Foam Nozzle  is   available with a integral
spreader.  Designed  for aircraft   fire   fighting usage
but  is  suitable  for   other    applications   where  flow  
selection is available to the operator. Includes  trigger
pistol grip.